Unique & Ready to Ship.


Unique & Ready to Ship.


Hand-Finished Simplicity.


A Fit for All Wrists.


Tooling Tactile Time.


Engraved Drama for the Wrist.


Crafted for each Owner.

A Collaboration in Time.

A wristwatch is an extension of one’s personality—an emotional form of expression as well as a pragmatic one. Bespoke Watch Projects creates limited production mechanical timepieces, assembled in our California studio. Offered in small editions, each series allows for a range of options, thus becoming a truly individualized timepiece.


Our Engraved Dials Blend Vintage Horology, Modernism, and Hand-Crafted Drama.

Produced in house in small batches, our Intaglio dials are patinated, engraved, and hand-finished in our California studio. Each dial and resulting timepiece is a unique and distinctive heirloom.


Make Your Own Time with our Online Watch Builder

Take time in your own hands. Choose a case, dial, handset, and strap—creating your own unique timepiece. Each one is made to order and on your wrist in no time.


All Parts are not Created Equal.

Put on Your Best Face.

Choose from one of many dial designs, including our Intaglio Edition dials—each hand-finished and engraved in house.

Swiss Heart. American Soul.

Our automatic models incorporate Swiss ETA, Valanvron, or STP movements—calibrated in house to an accuracy of 4-5 seconds per day.

Built for Each Wrist.

Every timepiece is fully assembled & regulated by hand in our California studio, resulting in a unique horological heirloom.

Find Your Own Time.

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